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A post-politics discussion between organizer/campaigner, Jay Carmona, and simulator, Tom Barbalet.

11: Grandma Funds Terrorism [June 14, 2017]

  Always order extra real because it will be taken from your plate. Connor wants the crew to discuss podcasts as a political and quizzical form. Tom talks about podcasting the religion of human narrative. Jay recommends Welcome to Night Vale. Tom talks about collecting and restoring 18th century pipes and beware the podcasts about that particular topic. Marty wants the crew to discuss not Russia but the foreign policy paradox that is Saudi Arabia. Somehow they slip into the ease of movement in the US. [ MP3 | link ]

10: Gaynor Died When Hoover Was Twenty [May 22, 2017]

  Tom lays down the science behind acquiring This Comes Next t-shirts. Jay is pumped up about impeachment currently. Tom talks a little about Bill Clinton's impeachment. They disagree about whether we currently live in chaos. Jay argues that impeachment is a more interesting narrative. Tom asks for some articles of impeachment. They discuss the curious nature of the Head of the FBI and Trump's revelations to Russia which mysteriously Tom already knew about in 2007 because he could read PDFs. Jay notes that impeachment would not be possible with the current political climate. They discuss what needs to happen to change the political climate. Jay proposes one approach and Tom proposes another approach [Tom is talking about the unseating of Eric Cantor in Virginia not the made up politician name that he runs with through the discussion.] Tom wants to know about marriage equality but unfortunately it is just too hot for podcasting. [ MP3 | link ]

9: A Quiver-full of Fascists [May 2, 2017]

  Tom has some advice for industrial wedding invite photos. They cover listener emails and there is always time for t-shirts. Jay is worried about the rise of fascist networks. Tom isn't sure what a fascist is anymore. They explore the tyranny of leaderless-ness. Social capital is discussed in the context of career. Tom digresses into a lost friend. Jay returns to fascist networks. Tom confesses to being a Vichy collector but refuses to talk about Franco. Listener Connor Sites-Bowen asks about personal energy. Listener Sam Shave asks about online privacy: a topic where Jay and Tom seem to disagree until the end. [ MP3 | link ]

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