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The podcast has ended. This page remains for the audio.

18. Weddings and Menthol Memories [February 28, 2018]

  Jay wants to know why she is getting no email from this particular podcast. Tom has hired a publicist to do the impossible. Tom wants to understand more about Jay's wedding experiences. How difficult has it been for Jay to find a wedding location? Marriage is a civil rights issue. They digress into Lyft drivers who have become friends. Tom offers a love edition of how is this inappropriate? With some discussion of Vietnam era war rations and Tom's origin story. [ MP3 | link ]

17. Moving Up A Nerdic Notch [January 31, 2018]

  Tom and Jay are recruiting a new artist. Tom proposes a new religion through cognitive virtual farming. The responsibility of passing on miniatures and fantasy roleplaying items to a new generation is a serious responsibility. Jay has one of the most difficult roles. Tom wants to know more about Jay's long-running DnD characters. This requires a deeper understanding of gender-play, chatrooms in the 1990s and, of course, infidelity in DnD players. Tom wants to know about Jay's fandom for ElfQuest and it goes deep. Tom loves commune comics. The wolf rider archetype and the protection of dogs needs to be explored. You can't talk fantasy imagination without talking about weapons. Tom raises renaissance fairs. Orcs are very important to Tom and he has to share this love of green skins with Jay and the listening audience. Tom pauses for a minute to discuss miniature painting and the orc in space (also known as space orks). [ MP3 | link ]

16. Curb Your Disbelief [January 23, 2018]

  Jay and Tom have decided to switch up the format a little for season two. No more discussion of politics. Jay starts the podcast with a tribute to Ursula Le Guin. Jay wants to talk about visualization of what is going on inside her head. Tom has some experiences of this through his work with Noble Ape and prior simulations. From civilization, Jay digresses into social networks. Tom briefly debunks the Tide Pod Challenge. They dive deep into Unsolved Mysteries. [Errol Morris' The Thin Blue Line is one of the documentaries Tom was trying to remember.] Tom has been exploring something else. Past lives is a topic worth discussing. [ MP3 | link ]

15: Continuum of Britneys Killing the Family Pet [November 27, 2017]

  Tom recommends road trips to the listeners. Is this appropriate? Model rail edition. They discuss institutional racism and how it continues to exist. What is the future of political parties? Community run internet access is a good example for failings. The corgi community concludes the discussion. [ MP3 | link ]

14: How Is This Inappropriate? [October 17, 2017]

  Tom bring ups the festive fecal geyser season in the context of natural disasters. They discuss Las Vegas in the context of domestic abuse. They explore me too. Tom wants to float a new segment about whether or not things are appropriate - Jay needs to be the arbiter between society and our listeners. The first one leaves Jay grasping for reasons to continue the podcast. The second one presents slightly more turpitude. They conclude talking about road trips. Things digress very rapidly. [ MP3 | link ]

13: Corgis Against Twitter [August 29, 2017]

  Jay needs to record a podcast following her demonstration in Berkeley and Tom contrasts this with the film, All the President's Men. How about the polar bear costumes? What has Jay learned from this experience? Why are people still using Twitter? Tom questions why he should pay to read misinformation about Jay. Jay needs to talk a little bit more about Twitter. Tom moves to California's impact on the US. What is the connection between organizing and software? Jay has a final piece of trivia about Watergate which Tom turns very quickly into vile smut. [ MP3 | link ]

12: the Royal Pooch and a Zombie Pete Seeger [August 22, 2017]

  Tom and Jay took a scheduled summer break. That's their story and they are sticking to it. Jay wants to talk about complacency. Tom wants a greater focus on the perception of the desecration of sacred sites and also to acknowledge the scholarship of the Southern Poverty Law Center on this matter. [Jay meant to say the Lost Cause of the Confederacy rather than Southern Strategy.] What are some of the problems with the weekend protest movement and how does this differ from organized labor protests previously? Is Reddit inherently racist? How about that War in Afghanistan? Tom wants new and empowering music. Jay is the new embodiment of Elizabeth Windsor. [ MP3 | link ]

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