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A post-politics discussion between activist, Jay Carmona, and simulator, Tom Barbalet.

8: Hands Around the White House [April 19, 2017]

  Tom has been sending t-shirts to listeners who are part of the Facebook group or provide an iTunes review. Scotland may be completely wind powered now - we may need a Scottish listener to confirm this. Where can you find magic? Jay finds it in organizing and Tom finds magic in this very podcast. How do third parties get off the ground? They digress into military spending and ISIS as a non-threat. Jay provides a primer on the power of the states in the US electoral process. Jay talks about an action where she was able to get a crowd to join hands around the White House. [ MP3 | link ]

7: Reclaiming the Seeds of Disbelief [April 1, 2017]

  [Warning: This podcast contains frank discussions associated with stalking, physical and sexual abuse.] Tom starts with a listener question about the City of San Jose. Jay raised an an article about a failure in the justice system to deal with stalkers. Tom provides three examples of stalking with a curious fourth example. Jay raises the gender correlation of stalking and explores the correlation between intelligence and mental illness too. They discuss defunding the war machine and provide a short background to what the war machine is in a material sense. Tom raises the means of discussing the war machine with people of all political persuasions and how the current narrative has impacted that discussion. Tom concludes the recording on a lighter note. [ MP3 | link ]

6: Crying of the Man-Child [March 11, 2017]

  Tom will not be singing any 1990s classics in the foreseeable future but he does understand about San Jose street gangs and electronic geofencing. Jay breaks down the failed WoD. They explore the Presidential discovery that warrantless wiretaps are omnipresent in modern day America. Jay wonders why violence against trash cans is an issue. Jay talks about her recent acquisition of a PS4. They dive into the somewhat esoteric world of Dungeons and Dragons Games Mastering. Tom recounts his wife beating Sim City in six days. They explore Jay's recent addiction to Age of Empires and whether you can beat the US Federal Income Tax system like a game. Tom breaks down how his fictionalized self would create what was referenced in his version of the King Missile classic. [ MP3 | link ]

5: Weaponized Terrorist Quakers [March 1, 2017]

  Tom kicks off the discussion with a listener question about the overwhelming nature of contemporary newsyish media. They delve into ye olde topics like facts, journalism and how we probably need better methods to explain the modern setting. Tom raises the citizen journalist as the last hope of journalism in any romantic context. Jay used to like Jeremy Scahill. Tom briefly confuses insomnia with amnesia. Jay raises the idea or science as magic. Tom discussions the British news media in contrast to the US news media with particular attention to David Frost, Lord Hutton, the UK population's understanding of the Iraq War and the BBC as a pedophile clearing house (see Operation Yewtree). Jay gives a practical example of her use of the news media. Tom references the Intelligence Unclassified podcast to point out that all Jay's jive talk won't sway good Americans. Jay talks about her anti-war un-American behavior. Tom has found his burden of responsibility with regards to slavery. They discuss whether the podcast needs a musical outro. [ MP3 | link ]

4: Monday Night Musings [February 13, 2017]

  Jay wants to talk about prisons and Tom wonders what comes after failed drug policies. They delve into true crime televisions including some classics. Tom starts the discussion about Jay's time in Turkey with a brief discussion on cats. Jay explores her experience eating dinner to being part of an evolving demonstration against tear gas and pepper-spay laced water cannons. Jay has been protesting a little closer to home. Tom returns to some fundamentals of the podcast. [ MP3 | link ]

3: Ashkenazi Privilege, Polynesians and Psychometrics [February 4, 2017]

  Jay had a Saturday morning. Tom shouts out the Green Line podcast as something worth listening to for a particular perspective. Sadly all the race-war podcasts Tom used to listen to are no longer available but he does advocate reading the Turner Diaries as a means of understanding John McCain amongst others. [Dr. Umar Johnson was the origin of Tom reading the Turner Diaries.] They discuss the curious case of the urban zombies. They discuss the lack of romance of humans at any time but those Polynesians were different. Jay talks about her new job. They dive boots-and-all into psychometrics. Tom recommends two of his prior podcasts: Stone Ape, for linguistics and narrative analysis and, Biota, for simulation analysis. Jay has concerns with psychometrics and Tom advocates for embracing those concerns but utilizing the data. They take feedback from a scientist. Tom raises the idea of fighting the body and the mind. [ MP3 | link ]

2: Jay Carmona Goes To Washington [January 29, 2017]

  They start by taking about Jay's recent visit to Washington DC to disrupt the inauguration and to participate in the Women's March. Tom provides a footnote to open source activism and talks about what he would like to see in terms of the strength of discourse. Jay raises the size of crowds and Tom talks about some of the science behind this. Sean Spicer is impossible to ignore. Tom puts his experience in San Jose up for analysis. Jay provides a great insight on her time in DC with an example of strategic use of privilege. Under Jay's instigation they return to Assange and the Russians. Tom gives some analysis on Grizzly Steppe. [Note: Unfortunately there were various technical difficulties which cut a small portion of the recording.] Tom concludes the recording with a reflection on the inevitability of war. [ MP3 | link ]

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